Headshot Session $100.00

In a media driven world, your headshot is often the first (and maybe the only) chance you have to actually get that initial contact. The importance of your headshot has gained growth over the years and you must look the part in today’s modern, business oriented world.

People like doing business with people that look professional and a great headshot is just one way of looking the part. First impressions really do count and not only will people take you more seriously, they will take your skills and abilities more seriously too.

A professional, well photographed headshot is critical to succeeding in business deals and gaining trust from your clients. A first-class headshot makes you more recognizable and divergent to your competitors. A good quality headshot will aid you in connecting to your customers and helps personalize you and your business in a positive and professional way.

We will pick a professional location. Your session will run about an hour. One change in clothing is included during our time. I like to shoot in 3 different spots to give you more than a few options. Headshots should be switched out ever 3-6 months to keep things fresh. Most clients choose anywhere from 4-6 imaages to rotate about their media pages.

After our shoot it will be about 7-10 days for editing. Once editing is finished I will email you a direct link to view and purchase your images. Headshot session is $100.00 images are $22.00 per digital Images.